In bar diagrams multiple streams of data can be grouped (side by side) or piled (on top of each other). Both display formats are important. Sometimes it is also practical to combine both forms. E.g. two piled columns side by side per month.

Due to the fact that the combination of piled and grouped columns is not available within Excel, we need our today’s trick to accomplish our illustration:

  • reserve a separate segment area for the streams of data of your diagram. E.g. two columns per month plus one column of space between months
  • Transfer the values from your input area into the reserved segment (via segment source or formula)
Template: Schrittweise zum Säulendiagramm mit Doppelstapel
  • compile a piled bar diagram from the specifically built formula
  • Adjust the space width of columns to a very small value such as 5%
  • As needed pigment the columns and fade in captions
Template Säulendiagramm, Doppelstapel
  • Add legible sums and legends (see our trick “captions”)

Finished 🙂

Säulendiagramm und Doppelstapel