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"Book" tip: Interactive Dataviz lexicon

Data visualization in general means to bring abstract data and…
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Portfolio Diagrams "reloaded"

Portfolio diagrams can be created with the Excel „bubble“…
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Small Multiples Are Quick and Easy

One of our previous posts discussed small multiples, i.e. a series…
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Clever Data Labels

Labelling data points in charts is generally more reader-friendly…
Abweichungen im Dashboard

Small Multiples in Excel – Small But Good

"Small multiples" are charts that display a range of data in…
Saeulendiagramm mit Doppelstapel

Use grouped piles in diagrams

In bar diagrams multiple streams of data can be grouped (side…
Abweichungen im Excel Diagramm darstellen

Illustrate variations

It´s mostly about variations when presenting data to decision…
Template: Diagramm direkt an den Säulen beschriften

Direct captioning of diagrams

Data captions and legends are important to understand the content…
Template: mehrere Diagramme richtig skalieren

Correct scaling of multiple diagrams

In many cases it is important to allocate data to multiple diagrams…
Portfolio richtig einsetzen

Visualise strategic portfolios competently

    The origin of portfolios is in finance and…
Umfrage Ergebnisse richtig präsentieren

Visualise surveys legibly

Opinions, trends and behaviours - the interest in surveys is…
Book review - chartisan

Buchrezension: Few - Understanding What Matters in a World of Noise

Im letzten Blogartikel habe ich es angekündigt. Hier also mein…
Bullet graph neu dargestellt

Bullet Graphs: 5 disadvanteges you can avoid

What are Bullet Graphs and where are they used? Key data overviews…
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Sales Dashboard mit Excel

Ein kleiner Projekt-Einblick in ein übersichtlich aufgebautes…
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Buchrezension: The visual organization

Während Few, Tufte, Cairo, Ware und viele andere vor allem effektive…