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Big Data, Big Dupe – A little book about a big bunch of nonsense

It was and is much written, talked about big data in recent years. For high hopes and vague opportunities even more money flows. Here comes this little book – published in February 2018 – by Stephen Few just right. Fluid to read, it admits with the errors that are so popular today in connection with large amounts of data:

  • Large amounts of data lead to more information only due to the quantity.
  • It counts the correlation, causality is negligible.
  • Statistical samples are obsolete due to the large amount of data.
  • We should measure everything, because we have data from everything. And a few more mistakes …

The exciting part of this text lies in the way these errors are revealed. Few refers his arguments to original statements by experts, quotes scientists and questions an entire industry based on concrete statements.


ConclusionCover: Big Data, Big Dupe - a little book of a big bunch of nonsense von Stephen Few
In short: Worth reading!!!

Slightly longer: It is not a clearly structured textbook, which one must work through. On the contrary, it entertains and provides interesting food for thought through many cross-references, links tips and hints. For those who are deep in the matter, it may be not detailed enough, leaving too many questions unanswered. But it helps to stay awake for the topic, it cleans up in a fun way with big data nonsense. The hope of Stephen Few is that if it´s telling the truth, something small can expose and unmask something great. In this sense, this small format serves the purpose.



For those Interested:

Title Big Data, Big Dupe
Subtitles A little book about a big bunch of nonsense
Author Stephen Few
Edition Published February 01, 2018 (available in English)
Pages 96
Publisher Analytics Press, New Jersey
Price about 10 $ depending on the provider
ISBN Print: 978-1-938377-10-5 (Hardcover); E-Book: 978-1-118-85841-7


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