Cover: Big Data, Big Dupe - a little book of a big bunch of nonsense von Stephen Few

The whole title: Big Data, Big Dupe – A little book about a big bunch of nonsense It was and is much written, talked about big data in recent years. For high hopes and vague opportunities even more money flows. Here comes this little book – published in February 2018 – by Stephen Few just […]

Sind lokale Reporting-Lösungen sinnvoll? Blogbeitrag auf

Management accounting analyzes, plans and informs. This requires a reliable database, but also flexibility in designing reports, presentations and dashboards. These requirements often can´t be combined in a software system. The discussion about the authorization of local reporting solutions, that complement central standard systems, is currently up-to-date. The article reports from practice and conveys the […]

datavizcatalogue: dataviz icons

Data visualization in general means to bring abstract data and relationships into a visually comprehensible form. So far so good. But what are the unfamiliar forms of representation? When do I apply this? When are other forms more meaningful? I would like to introduce the project of Severino Ribecca to all those who ask these questions more […]

Portfolio diagrams can be created with the Excel „bubble“ diagram modus for many applications.  What makes this type of diagram special is that a total of three data dimensions can be visualised: X-position (horizontal), Y-position (vertical) and the bubble size (area). Portfolios are primarily used if a quantity of data are to be segmented. In […]

One of our previous posts discussed small multiples, i.e. a series of charts consisting of several small charts of the same type. It also describes conceptual considerations on typical application scenarios involving small multiples. This post introduces an alternative method which you can use to create small multiples for simpler application scenarios at the blink […]

Labelling data points in charts is generally more reader-friendly than using a vertical axis. The axis is automatically displayed in Excel, and therefore it is often found in reports and presentations. However, it forces the chart reader to move their eyes back and forth between the data points and the axis. If data points are […]

“Small multiples” are charts that display a range of data in several smaller charts of the same type. This is often easier to read than mixing the same data in a single, more complex chart. The informational value and overview are the result of the aggregate charts in this case. The specific application scenario determines […]

In bar diagrams multiple streams of data can be grouped (side by side) or piled (on top of each other). Both display formats are important. Sometimes it is also practical to combine both forms. E.g. two piled columns side by side per month. Due to the fact that the combination of piled and grouped columns is […]