It´s mostly about variations when presenting data to decision makers, such as planned, target or empirical values. Only these variations allow us to reasonably evaluate the actual numbers.

Variations should play a major role during the visualisation as well. Today´s trick shows us that this is feasible within Excel only with a few clicks in specific cases:

  • Compile a diagram with two curve streams of data
Abweichungen Schritt-für-Schritt erklärt
  • Mark the diagram and add the variation columns by choosing the menu diagram draft
  • Format the variation columns red or green respectively. The column width can be adjusted to one of the curve stream of data by right click. (parameter “space width”)
Abweichungen mit Excel darstellen
  • Add data caption and legend if applicable (see our trick “captions”)

Finished 🙂

Excel Template Abweichungsdiagramm