Correct scaling of multiple diagrams

In many cases it is important to allocate data to multiple diagrams so the presentation is clear. It results in so-called Small-Multiple illustrations.

If each single diagram uses its own scale, the informative value of the entire page will get lost. In terms of a high quality visualisation, unitary scales are very important. At the same time the diagrams should be of low-maintenance and dynamic.


This challenge can be managed in Excel with our today´s small trick:

  • Calculate the minimum and maximum of all (!) single values (function MIN and MAX)
  • Insert into each single diagram the minimum and maximum values as an extra data stream
  • Invisibly format the minimum and maximum data stream (no filling, no frame line)
  • Align diagrams of same size next to each other

(keep holding the alt-key when pulling the mouse; then your diagrams lock with the segments)

Done 🙂